Landscape design concept plans

What is a landsacpe architect?

Landscape concept design plan implementation

Landscape concept design plan implementation, image, ©
Landscape concept design plan implementation, image, ©

I work alongside landscape gardeners and contractors which allows me to ensure that my landscape design plans are implemented to a high standard.

While a process of consultation with the owners, landscaper and working from the concept plan enables the plan to evolve as necessary, it ensures a great final product.

I am happy to recommend landscapers that I value for their high standards of workmanship.

Planting plans

Planting plans, image, ©
Planting plans, image, ©

Starting with an on-site consultation I develop a detailed planting plan with plant names, numbers and placement of plants shown on a scale drawing.

This planting plan allows you to follow the plan and source local plants on your own schedule and budget. This can be useful especially for long term projects.

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Astelia 'Red Devil'

Common Name:Bush Lily
Height: 0.5 metre
Spread: 0.5 metre
Sun:Full sun, Part shade
Maintenance: Low
Leaves: silvery red, sword shaped leaves
Like all astelias Red Devil enjoys free draining soils that don't completely dry out. Once these conditions are met they are easy plants to grow and maintain. They often only require the dead leaves to be removed by tugging on them gently for the plant to look tidy.
Astelias are a good contrast to lush green foliage and Red Devil is particularly attractive as it deepens it's red toning during cold weather.
This plants compact size is also a bonus in today smaller gardens.

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