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So what do my landscape architect services cost?

Landscape concept, image, ©
Landscape concept, image, ©

The initial consultation at your property in the Nelson Tasman region costs $195, very approximately. 50% of this is credited against the cost of the follow-up landscape concept plan if you choose to go to the next step within 3 months.

Landscape design concept plans for an average sized section, with one initial consultation and one consultation to adjust plans cost approximately $1,000 - $1,200. Less 50% of your initial consultation fee. Subsequent adjustments to drawings cost $80 per change. A second design concept for the same landscape will cost $550.

Larger sections with multiple areas requiring design concept plans and detail sketches are difficult to estimate a price for in advance of seeing the landscape or garden.

Larger landscapes, say an acre or more up to 10 acres, can possibly take more than twice the amount of time.

Resource consent planning and drawings are charged for on an hourly rate basis, and times can vary greatly depending on how much data needs to be presented.

Plant placement and delivery for a typical 1,000 metre section usually costs approximately $360, plus the cost of the plants, plus mileage. This service places the plants on-site ready for you or you gardener to plant.

Again, plants are of high quality and advice on plant care is provided at the time on site.

What happens next?

What happens next?, image, ©
What happens next?, image, ©

I trust all the above sounds interesting and helpful, so the next step is for me to visit the landscape in question with you to discuss what you have in mind.

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Citrus tree

Common Name: Meyer Lemon
Height: 2-4 metre
Spread: 2.5-3 metre
Sun:Full sun
Maintenance: Medium, pruning to open up for best fruiting
Leaves: Green, shiny, fragrant.
It is a satisfying feeling to eat fruit you have grown yourself and citrus are particularly useful in the kitchen.
All citrus are surface rooting and will not like plants to grow underneath them or around the drip line although if well fed they can thrive in pots. This means they will not thrive if planted in a lawn.
For juicy fruit water the trees well through the dry summer months, and to produce larger fruit ensure to thin out fruiting branches so that the plants don't crop so heavily.
I love using citrus as a decorative element in the garden. They grow very well in the Nelson region and have the added bonus of highly scented flowers and brightly coloured fruit through the winter months.
Remember though if you buy a seedless citrus tree make sure that it is planted well away from any lemon tree that bears seeds. Cross pollination will cause your seedless to have seeds.

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