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Feature pot | ©Vista Design Landscape Architects

Feature pot | ©Vista Design Landscape Architects

Project J

Curved lawn encompases view Sleeper steps Mass planting Feature pot


Close up indoor wall Indoor Greenwall close up outdoor wall outdoor Greenwall


Honed pavers Bullnose Recycled brick/ aggregate concrete Paving pattern with holland pavers Brick and flagstone paving
Concrete pavers with railway sleeper border Dolomite chip - paver edge

Plant photos

rosemary hedge Grevillea ground cover Lovely ligularias Corokia hedge Lomandra
Reliable Rhodo's Shady border Acer Senkaki

Project C

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Project L

Formal garden bank Hydrangea Formal garden design Green walls Pergola
Long view Potager Decorative Entrance Gates Formal garden entrance Pleached trees
Pleached trees one season on Pleached Ornamental Pears

Project T

Entrance from the road Entrance planting detail Entrance courtyard Teucrium hedge

Project TY

Before After Olives Italian entrance old paths and new paving
small details large courtyard Decorative Wall


Beautiful sculpture Stuart's sculpture Installation

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